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Terms of Service

1. You must send the full payment before I begin.
2. You are allowed to send half-payment up front and the other half after I am done. You will not receive your art until I receive the other half.

1. Full Payment: You are allowed a refund if I have not started on your commission.
2. Half Payment: You are allowed a refund even if I have started on your commission.
3. You are not allowed a refund after I have finished your art.

Received Art:
1. You may upload your commission with proper credit.
2. If you do not credit me, I will ask you to take it down.
3. Do not claim the art as your own work.
4. Do not use the art for any sort of commercial use.
5. You may make minor edits to the art. This does not include copying/tracing/making major edits.

Revised: 05-10-2023

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