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Interested in ordering? Send me a message! You can find me active on, Discord, and Twitter. Links are below!

Available Types

2 Characters Per Order | 1 Order Per Person

You can order more once I finish your current order, so please be patient. Remember to specify the sub types for chibis and illustrations! (i.e. Smol Chibi, Full Color Illustration, etc.)

Nothing too complex, please!

Order Form

Type: Icon, Sketch, etc.

Reference(s): Clean and clear, please!

Extra: Anything you want to add or lmk?

PayPal E-Mail: So I can send an invoice!

Smol Things ✧ 15 USD

Base Emote: 15 USD.

Icon: 15 USD.


Emotes are done on a base. Hungy or Holiday Icons. If ordering, please specify which emote base or icon type!

Sketch ✧ 20+ USD

Sketch: 20+ USD.

Dating Sim: 50+ USD.


Half-body black and white sketch. Price varies depending on the complexity of the character.

Chibi ✧ 30+ USD

Chibi: 30+ USD.

Twitch Panel: 35+ USD.


Good for page deco and gifts! Please specify which type when ordering. Twitch Panel price depends on complexity of the panel and character.

Illustration ✧ 60+ USD

Monochrome: 60+ USD.

Full Color: 90+ USD.

BG: 0-20+ USD.


Colored illustration. Prices depend on complexity. Simple BGs are free!

Examples are constantly changing and being updated, so check back for more later if you're interested in something that might not have examples yet!

Thank you!


Available Types

Emotes are coming soon!

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